The structure of this programme includes three major modules. General Management, Marketing & HRM. Marketing function and managing people in any kind of business are backbone of sustainable competitive advantage. Successful corporate leaders have realized it and are applying all possible strategies to hone up the business development skills of people, who can bring the creative and innovative edge to the business.

Course Structure
A] Foundation of Management
• Principles of Management
• Finance & Accounting
• Manufacturing / Operations Management
• Organizational Behavior & Human Resource Management
• Fundamentals of Marketing
• Business / Market Research
• Big Data Analytics

B] Strategy & General Management
• Strategic Management
• Economic Environment Analysis
• Effective Business Communication
• Innovation Management
• Entrepreneurship (including Business Plan writing)
• LIVE PROJECT Experiential Learning

C] Marketing Management
• Consumer and Industrial Buyer Behavior
• Product, Services and Brand Management
• Sales & Distribution Management
• Pricing Strategies
• Relationship Marketing and CRM
• E-Business, Social Media and Online Marketing
• Advertising , PR & Promotion Management

D] Human Resource Management (Managing People)
• Talent Management (Recruitment & Selection)
• Performance Management / HR Analytics
• Training and Development
• Developing Leadership
• Creating Professional Culture
• Mentoring (Assessing Book Review/Project): Developing Self
(Depending upon the requirements, above topics will be covered under the slots of 2/4/6/8/12 hours.)